Dark Matter

I know less and less about

more and more. I am learning
how I should be shut

up and stay that way. Opinions
are balm for the less-

informed; facts are for the 
fast trackers to argue. I am entitled

to have my own opinion but not to love
your facts. Argument’s all

I have to make me feel something,
make me feel some small control over

fate and fact. I shouted enough,
now it’s time to

act. Time’s ticking.  Ticking
isn’t enough; it’s time to

blow things 
up.  Up and over the walls,

up and over the weird walls
of leveraging how I’m supposed

to be now that I have no footing
I’m used to and have to shut 

up and all that, supposed to listen
when I can’t understand what’s being

said. I can’t understand 
being.  I can’t understand so

much, have a million statements
in my…

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My Helpful (Hopefully) ABC’s of Writing

For your writing toolbox.

Author Kelly Miles

A- Accept that your first, third and more than likely your fourth draft will be crap, and that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect, nor will it be.

B- Believe in yourself and your talents. If you don’t believe in yourself or your work, no one else will either.

C- Challenge yourself to write daily. Try to carve out at least 30 minutes to write. The more time you spend away from that paper and pencil (or computer) the easier it is to get out of the habit altogether.

D- Don’t give up.  Surge forward even when you feel like ditching a whole manuscript. Trust me, the time will come.

E- Editing. Need I say more? It’s a MUST. Don’t skimp on this one.

F- Forget the naysayers. They usually don’t have a clue.

G- Grammar is important. Know the difference between they’re, their and there if you want to be taken seriously.

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Some Humor for your Saturday!


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Just the facts…

Looking back over the past year, It seems that it should end with a lighter note and have dug this one out of my earliest posts. Laughter is still the best medicine.  Bonne année et bonne santé!


Originally published 29 December, 2011

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.
– Oscar Wilde



Just the facts…

You are the brightest point of the candles flame

The dandelions in my clover

The first bite of cheesecake

And the solstice of my summer


You are the oasis I’ve searched for In my forty years wandering

The checkered flag and hurrahs

At the finish line

You will never be the chip in my teacup

The croutons in my salad

Nor a frog croaking by the pond


And you are not the stapler on my desk

You are the warmth of the fire

Chasing away my chill

And the conductor of the symphony

Spilling from my harp strings


Perhaps you are the lavender sachet

Tucked beneath my pillow – scenting my dreams

The rhubarb in my pie

And the vibrant oils layered on my canvas


Did you realize that I am the foam

Riding the crashing waves, spilling across your rocks,

Pilings and coastlines

the chocolate in your milk

And the peanut butter for your jelly


I am the wick for your lantern

The molasses in the gingerbread; full, thickly sweet

With a kick

And the firefly when you lose your way


But more than all of this

I will be the suede patch on the sleeve

Of your tweed coat

Hoisting a pint at the Everyman Bistro near

The Mercy River while Beatles on the jukebox take you back in time

I will be the Eleanor Rigby of your memories




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A heart-warming story about Alzheimer’s disease and love

Pretending Alzheimer’s will never appear in the lives of family or friends is denial and one is best armed with intelligent information. Here it is from the source, one who has experienced the changes and devastation of a loved one. As for myself, I look forward to a copy of the paperback as it becomes available.

Scribbles on the Wall

On 2014 I released my book The Staircase on Pine Street, a heart-warming tale of family love and Alzheimer’s disease. Now, to be honest, I haven’t had much luck promoting it. Or much time. Those who are familiar with the publishing world know how brutal it can be. Marketing is tough, when you are a one-man-band like me.

I’ve decided that this New year I’m going to give “The Staircase on Pine

cover.newClick to buy

Street” the attention it deserves. I just released it in KINDLE format for only $3.99.  I’ll be working on other formats, as well as the Spanish version. If you have the opportunity to download it (or get the PAPERBACK version), please leave a review and share it with others. I honestly believe this little book can help children understand Alzheimer’s disease, and help cope with it, while reminding us of what matters most: living a…

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The Naming Of The Revolution

Join the Revolution!

Dark Matter

To accept all the names I’ve been called
by those who brought me into this,
from “bun in the oven” to “bundle of joy,”
from “such a good boy” to “mother’s burden…”
is not a revolutionary act.

To accept the names I’ve been called by those
who did not want to know my name,
from “that little shit over there” to “move along,”
from “dickhead” to “asshole” to “druggie” to “scum…”
is not a revolutionary act.

To accept the names I’ve been called by those
to whom I was useful, from “asset” to “employee
of the quarter,” from “resource” to “up and coming,”
from “diamond in the rough” to “stalled in position…”
is not a revolutionary act.

To call myself a name of my choosing, change it
for the day or the duration, say that I am what I am
regardless of how I am fixed in the constellations
of others who use…

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A writer’s rant

Great post Sue. Alas, is ANYONE at WP listening? We shall see…

Daily Echo

Dear WordPress,

Yes, it’s me again. Well, what did you expect? Reindeer?

First, let me thank you for providing what is, in my humble opinion, the best blogging platform out there with what has to be the best blogging community you could wish for.

Second… WordPress, we have a problem.

Well, several actually.


For starters, let me ask… have you been playing at happiness engineering again? I do wish you wouldn’t. In fact, most of us wish you wouldn’t to judge by the comments when you do. Even worse, we ever know what’s coming until the usual batch of oddities start occurring. Like bloggers who disappear from our notifications… notifications that cease arriving. Notifications tabs that ‘forget’ to let us know about comments. Readers who get in touch to check you are okay because they haven’t had any notifications either… regardless of the fact you haven’t missed posting…

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