Parc Guëll – Barcelona Spain

Furniture by Gaudi

“The creation continues incessantly through the media of man.” Antonio Gaudi

Since my other blog is strictly about France, this gives me an opportunity to showcase some of the other places I’ve been. Besides, I have too many photos not to display somewhere. The most difficult part of this is deciding which from hundreds of pictures to include.

This popular park started out as a development project. Eusebi Guëll, Catalan industrialist, aquired a 42 acre plot north of Barcelona. His vision was to turn the area into a residential  village with English styled gardens.

In 1900 Guëll commissioned Antoni Gaudí with the development of the project. With the support from other architects including Josep M. Jujol and his disciple Francesc Berenguer, Gaudí worked on the garden village. By 1914 it had become clear that the project was a commercial failure and Guëll failed to sell even one single property. In 1918, the property was acquired by the city and became a public park.

Gaudi Museum
From 1906 and 1926, Gaudí lived in one of the two houses that were completed. The house, known as the Casa Museu Gaudí, was designed by Francesc Berenguer. Now a museum it displays some of Gaudí’s furniture which includes some from the Casa Batlló and drawings. The park also includes the Casa Trias, which is not open for visitors, and winding roads with paths supported by tree-like columns.

Gaudi Museum

Serpentine Bench or the Gran Placa: A  Circular flight of stairs leads to another famous feature of the park: the Gran Placa Circular. The plaza that was created here was conceived as a market place. The Serpentine Bench, which borders the plaza is the largest bench in the world. Its colorful ceramic tiles with more than 80 columns  snake and curl around the place. From the Gran Placa and the terraced gardens above, you are are granted a spectacular view of the Mediterranean.



Serpentine Bench and the Gran Placa


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2 Responses to Parc Guëll – Barcelona Spain

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Going back to Barcelona in 2013. Went for the first time in April of this year. Sending this post to my hubby!

    • leamuse says:

      My friend Rita usually arrives in Barcelona and flies out of there so I end up there most every year. Unfortunately, two years ago my car tires were slashed, while we were standing there empty the car. They also grabbed my purse. In the end a very expensive trip. However, there is much to see and do there. Have you been to Figueres? The Dali museums there are fun and it is just a lovely town. It is a day trip which I have made often.

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