Résonance de la vie

“The leaves of memory seemed to make
A mournful rustling in the dark.”
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Résonance de la vie

They say

Hearing is the last sense

To close down

As we die

I have always had

Sensitive hearing

Will the echo of

The flames

Lapping at me

Carry me off

From this life

To what lies



Of a child’s cry

The lover’s threat

Crashing of waves


Accompany me now

And evermore

Better the laughter

And tears

Than no sounds

At all



Author: Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.

19 thoughts on “Résonance de la vie”

    1. Thank you. As you know, sometimes we have some dark thoughts. However, did not seem to come from a dark place when writing it…


    1. Thank you Claudia. I cannot accept that bravery had anything to do with it. As often happens, it just leaked upon the page.
      “How can I know what I think, until I see what I say?” E.M. Forster

    1. You are kind and I thank you. Due to my work and my personal journey, I have ventured where most do not care to think of. Yet now I am here and I never thought life could be so good. I am indeed fortunate.

  1. Hear hear 🙂 A very moving piece, it got me, the reader, drawn in from the first line. Brilliant writing! 🙂 ♥

  2. So sad we’ve been taught to approach the gate in fear. Maybe it’s really a celebration, Lea

    1. Actually, I have done two small chapbooks under my married name. The first is available at Shakespeare & Company in Paris. However, I don’t even have a copy of it anymore. It was sold in a few local bookshops back in Sacramento and is in The California State Library. The title: Reality Is Relative: And other lies my birth certificate told me. The second was, Lies, Damned Lies And Poetry. It included copies of two of my paintings. I still have a few copies here but cannot think of anywhere else you would find it. It was also sold in a few bookstores that sold the work of local poets back in Sacramento but the few copies that were out there are most likely long gone. As a former member of The Vietnamese International Poetry Society, I have appeared in two of their volumes. There have also been a few other anthologies along the way. I guess this blog was a way to get my words back out there…

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