La pomme

“It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple is connected with that of man.”   –  Henry David Thoreau

“With an apple I will astonish Paris.”   –  Paul Cèzanne

“And there never was an apple, in Adam’s opinion, that wasn’t worth the trouble you got into for eating it.”   – Neil Gaiman



La pomme

Being the

Brains in

Le jardin

Eve picked

La pomme

Hunger can

Do that to a


Being that there

Was no health care


She took care of




To his violent


des oiseaux,


And all that was

Wild and free

L’ homme



Pourtant le

Sang est sur

Ses mains

Et la femme

Est un avec

La nature





About Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.
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10 Responses to La pomme

  1. Nice look at Adam and Eve here Lea – also, I particularly like the Neil Gaiman quote. 🙂

  2. A very intruiging poem Lea!

    You will be writing fully in French soon, having us all pouring over French/English dictionaries! Lol

    Love the quotes as ever 🙂

    Love Christine


    • leamuse says:

      You are so very kind Christine. I have one written all in French but have asked my teacher to look at it. He has been for almost a month… French time that is! 🙂

      I needn’t tell you about my quote addiction now do I?




  3. I like your homour with an apple here, Lea. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. cjm76 says:

    I’m absolutely head over heels in love with this piece, Lea! xoxo

  5. claudia says:

    haha…love your sense of humour in this…and the mix of english and french works well

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