For Joseph

“Let us read and let us dance –two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.”    –  Voltaire

“The dance: a minimum of explanation, a minimum of anecdotes, and a maximum of sensations.”    –  Maurice Béjart

“Dance is the poetic baring of the soul through motion.”   –  Scott Nilson

For Joseph

The young dancer

Leaps and spins

Spurning gravity

As he re-defines it

Proud pirouette

Etched in crystal


Like the eye

Of a



Like gold leaf

Clinging to the edge

Of a porcelain cup



Author: Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.

14 thoughts on “For Joseph”

  1. I like the energy and description in the poem. The strong language and statements gave life to your words. Thank you for the outstanding poetry.

  2. Lea this is one of my favourites of yours, not just becauseof the dance connections but also because of the depth of love there is in every line – I felt every word. Just beautiful x

  3. You always find the most perfect quotes and then compliment them with your own words. This piece played in my head like a mini-movie. The imagery is magical xoxo

    1. Carly, you are so sweet to say so. I must admit a strong addiction to great quotes. It is fun to find one or two to go with a piece or perhaps inspire the writing? xoxoxo

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