See ya later …

Carly, I only hope you realise just how truly special you are!

bruises you can touch


photo taken Christmas 2012.

We arrived to a heaving, sweating sea of purple – Tameah’s signature colour. There were hugs, tears, taps on the shoulder and it was lovely to see some old friends like Tameah’s great mate Lucas, who now lives in Melbourne. Earlier this morning, I had a call from Tameah’s Dad asking me if I knew anyone who lived in Fortitude Valley, as Tameah’s nose ring was at the police station. I’m not far from the city, so I drove to the cop shop where I watched a lady behind the glass do a whole lot of paperwork. Finally, I had the precious cargo in my hands, which I gave to the ‘white lady’ as soon as I arrived at the chapel. And just to give you some idea as to how much Tameah was and will always be loved – it was standing room only.


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A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.
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2 Responses to See ya later …

  1. Beautiful reminder that “now” is all there ever is.




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