Chatterton – a Series of Poems

My copy of Chatterton arrived yesterday. If you order your copy today, you will not be sorry! I don’t want to give anything away but it is an stimulating tonic for the creative mind…


Chatterton Front Cover ‘Chatterton’ is  a series of poems about young and starving poet in a garret, Thomas Chatterton. He was 17 years old. Did he commit suicide or not?  You decide.

My series of poems, in an elegant pamphlet (thanks to Black Pear Press), is from the viewpoints of those who loved or were somehow influenced by ‘the beautiful boy’. I imagine them gathered around the foot of his deathbed, remembering and commenting on his life. Each individual, from his mother to his doctor to various poets, have their own poem about him.

I’ve loved the Henry Wallis painting – shown on the front cover of the pamphlet – since I studied the pre-Raphaelites many moons ago – it’s the inspiration for the series. And I was asked to do a potted history of Thomas Chatterton – it appears in the final pages.

There’s a limited first edition of 50 copies and…

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Author: Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.

10 thoughts on “Chatterton – a Series of Poems”

  1. This looks so interesting Lea. I have ordered two, one for myself and another for a poet friend in America. Looking forward to receiving my copy! Thanks for sharing; it’s the only way we get to know of such things and there is so much talent around.

    Ive just joined the Open University Poets, mainly to receive their magazine and read poems; Im not sure if I will submit any – maybe. But they just sent me the two latest magazines and there are some poems by a Polly wondering if this is the same Polly.



    1. Absolutely! I am not surprised that you have already ordered the book and you are right, it is a great gift. While it is a slim volume, it is packed with inspiration and has the little muse mice running about in my grey matter! 🙂

      I’m not familiar with the Open University Poets. I have no doubt that it is the same Polly and shall look forward to hearing more from you about it all! Soon your work will be there as well. Unfortunately, my only outlet for poetry is blogging these days as my French is not quite good enough to participate in the groups here, YET! 🙂



  2. And a “yet” for you that will turn into “Ive done it!!”

    Even if I dont submit, the poems are great and its very reasonably priced for a year’s membership.

    Love xxx

    1. As for the “I’ve done it” we shall see…

      Enjoy your membership and let me know when you are featured. I believe in you and your work.

      Love xxx

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