Contest: Help name…

As some of you know, I have been writing/publishing two blogs for the past two and a half years: and


What most of you are not aware of, I have previously published two collections of poetry and have two more in the works (early stages). In addition, I have recently begun my first novel.


At this time, I would like to find a fitting name for my business. So far, a few ideas have come up:

*Lavender Press

*Press de Tournesol/Sunflower Press

*Corbières (something) Press or (something) Corbières Press

The Corbières is the heart of the wine region where I live and where my heart found a home. Did I mention I love our local red wines? If you follow Found in France, or visit, you will have seen a number of posts from this region with photos. It should reflect the area, the work or both. The selected name will relate to the work I do and my love of France and/or my location. If you are familiar with Poetry photos and musings oh my, you will have some information about some of my other work. SUBMISSIONS NEED NOT BE IN FRENCH.


While I have no prize to offer at this time, my dear friend Christine reminds me, “if people only want to offer suggestions if there is a prize then I say those offerings aren’t worthy!” It will earn my gratitude and mention on the blogs and can include the link to your own blog.


For real inspiration, visit Christine at: and Carly Jay at:






Author: Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.

11 thoughts on “Contest: Help name…”

  1. I am totally in love and lust with Corbières Press because *that’s* what felled you with love. It really stands out from ‘Lavender Press’, and is something people will remember 🙂 And it sounds beautiful! Let me know how you go (and thank you so much for the link to my blog) Much love, Lea xoxo

    1. Thank you Carly! You never fail to inspire me. I will give it a bit of time. Due to my coffee addiction, one blogger suggested French Press Press. I just want to see what else comes in but as you said, this is where my heart is and my village is the heart of the Corbières. As for the link, it is always my pleasure as others need your kind of inspiration and strength. 🙂 Much love, xoxo

      1. Oh, see – I like that too! I like to name things after my addictions 😉 Of course, coffee is one … thanks for letting me play! Can’t wait to hear the final outcome xoxo

      1. I haven’t heard from you for a while… I do hope you’ve been fine and healthy, young lady! 🙂 my very best and take care, good luck and tons of inspiraiton… and if you ever “miss” me, you know where you can find me… 🙂

      2. It seems that every time I begin to catch up, I get behind again. Perhaps I have too many things going on? But with the delights of France, it is nearly impossible not to indulge… 🙂

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