Minor fall

Please take a few moments and read this gem from Carly-Jay. She is, without a doubt, the most amazing woman I know.


About Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.
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6 Responses to Minor fall

  1. cjm76 says:

    I feel so blessed to have ‘met’ you, Lea. Thank you so much for reblogging my little heartbreak poem xoxo

  2. claudia says:

    the pain is palpable in this… thanks for sharing lea and introducing carly-jay to us…

  3. Wow Lea this piece plunges you knee deep in sorrow, thanks for sharing. I will check out this poet and envy those who can set a melody to words.

    • leamuse says:

      Carly-Jay is one of your “neighbours” being an aussi like yourself. She has appeared in magazines there, radio… I’ve been following her for about two years or more and she never ceases to amaze me. I love to think of the two of you connecting at some level.

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