The World of Wonders, Illustrated

I really enjoyed this post from Lotta!

Lotta Wanner

World of Wonders

If I get my eyes on anything old with words I just can’t let it go. I’m fascinated by the wish to communicate that lasts over centuries.

These old magazines (?) were handed over to me by my Father in Law, I guess he didn’t have the heart to throw them away either.

Unfortunately I can’t find one single fact to when these were printed.  But clues from: they mention interesting experiments made by a man called Alexander Graham Bell! The price is 6d. And they often refer to matters occuring in the 1700s, not so long ago in their time. No names of authors of the articles are printed.

One story specifically caught my attention yesterday, it is titled and starts like this:



THE Gentleman’s Magazine for August, 1739, records the death of one Christiana Davis, on the 7th July of that…

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2 Responses to The World of Wonders, Illustrated

  1. Lotta Wanner says:

    Thank you my Belle Amie d’écriture! 😃

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