Wanted: lost poem

Today I will not open with a quote or quotes. Today I offer the results of a challenge by my friend Kath Unsworth over at Minuscule Moments. Kath is a very talented artist and after reading my last post here, challenged me to look in my handbag and give it the same treatment as I gave my desk. Thank you Kath. Please stop by and visit her at: http://kathunsworth.com


WANTED: lost poem


A friend tells me there is a poem

Inside my handbag

Intrigued by the thought

I reach inside to see if it

Can be found among the

Debris of this life

Simulated black leather wallet

Uncloseable, spilling forth

Its cache of business cards

Theirs, my own,

Yet there is no poem

Receipt slips from the bank,

Carte de sejour, le permis de conduire,

The last five euros of the month

Tucked out of sight,

Medical insurance card and my ATM card

Still no poem in view

Digging deeper, the book of the day, I never

Leave home without something to read

Small notebook or journal (or two) and several pens

Black (of course), blue and my favorite purple

All necessary tools for creative outbursts

One never knows when writing is essential

But still no visible trace of verse

Reading glasses and a spare, checkbook,

Tucked in the zippered pocket

Bonbons from the café and tape measure

One never knows what you will find

At the vide greniers

Despite my earnest search, I remain

Empty handed, no prose and no verse




Author: Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.

22 thoughts on “Wanted: lost poem”

    1. Merci beaucoup! I have your poem set aside and hope to enjoy it this evening! Did you see the poem before it? That is the one that started it all. That and the quote…

  1. love this, it proves my notion that there is a poem in everything just waiting for someone to discover it! well done. 😉

      1. That would work for me! Perhaps we could include Christine.
        One day I will have to tell you about the “Art Nights” a dear friend and I use to have in her studio before I moved… xxx

  2. You found a sincere gem within your handbag…i really love your poem, it is so imaginative and original. I have written many in a similar way, one about the short life of a whisper. Awesome poem!

    1. Merci beaucoup! The previous poem was about the things about my desk and Kath told me to dig down in my handbag… C’est la vie!

  3. smiles… the things you find in a woman’s handbag are a bit like a mirror… love the idea of weaving them into a poem… and hey…the verse found you… smiles

  4. Ha! A poem about your handbag contents – quite a challenge – but you’ve risen to it well with plenty of verse 🙂

    1. It is all thanks to Kath and her challenge. She told me to take the previous poem and go inside my handbag… She is a treat. Thank you so much Polly! 🙂

  5. So glad you rose to the challenge Lea!! And very well too I hasten to add!

    As for Cynthia, well,she has a wonderful answer for everyrhing! She is amazing and her comment has me in stitches! xxx

  6. You really can write a poem about anything Lea! I’m always curious to hear what fellow women keep in their handbags, mine is never without a notebook and pen either 🙂 well done for completing the challenge, so wonderfully! xx

    1. Thank you Becka! I can’t take the credit as it was a challenge laid down by another blogger after she read the previous poem… 🙂 The previous poem was about inspiration and a pile of junk! 😉 xx

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