Affair with Hemingway

“I didn’t want to kiss you goodbye – that was the trouble – I wanted to kiss you good night – and there’s a lot of difference.”  –  Ernest Hemingway

“They love me like a pack of wolves.”   – Ernest Hemingway

“Love is forever. Lust is for the moment. Got a moment?” –  Michael Gorman


Affair with Hemingway


Remote corners of café

Closerie des Lilas

Summer evenings beneath stars

Sidewalk tables and stories

Late at night – mon chambre

I take you to my bed

Crawl deep inside your stories

I have my way with you

You reach out through time

Together, we do Paris

Huddled in corners

Sipping wine and champagne

Dark Smokey tables shared

Avec Fitzgerald, Ezra et

Ford Madox Ford

War stories, the bulls

Nights at Bricktops

Josephine’s rocking the joint

Gertrude’s salon

Champagne et art du jour

Picasso, Modigliani

Breathless with anticipation

I surrender and plead for more

It is the life – it is life

C’est magnifique!

Author: Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.

17 thoughts on “Affair with Hemingway”

    1. Kath, you are so kind. I had such a good time reading Hemingway over the summer. It wasn’t exclusively and I haven’t read everything but I did get through several of his books and the first one I read is still my favourite. Of course it took place in Paris… xx

  1. in bed with hemingway… and if it’s only his words… that is exciting for sure… one of my fav quotes by him is “write drunk, edit sober” though i have to admit that i don’t follow his advice… usually i write my poems with a cup of fennel tea next to me… smiles

  2. HL = huge like… ❤ btw, I love Hemingway and I visited his villa in Key West 2 years ago: very impressive and emotional… I may write about it some day asap… 🙂

    1. That would be very interesting! I shall look forward to reading about it. I really enjoyed each of his books that I have read so far.
      There is something magical about walking through the place where a favourite artist worked or lived. For me, the best was Atelier Cézanne! C’est magnifique!!! 🙂

      1. No doubt you walked along Cannery Row and hopefully took a swim in the small cove that allows you to get up next to the aquarium? I love swimming there as the otters would get up close and personal… 🙂

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