Mots errant / Wandering words

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”   Henry David Thoreau


“Not all those who wander are lost.”   – J.R.R. Tolkien


“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.”   – Anatole France



Mots errant / Wandering words


I love taking words

For a walk

Seeing where they

Will go and even better

Where they will take me


A simple phrase or word

Like a launching pad

Recycled by me or

Truth be told

Merely taking me along


Les mots – soyez résilient

Creating both map and path

Like a child’s puzzle

C’est moi – connecter les points

To get lost – is to find oneself




Author: Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.

13 thoughts on “Mots errant / Wandering words”

  1. Letting a word or phrase take you where it will, is like following a thread…picking it up, beginning to wind it into a ball, with no idea who or what is at the other end…..I love the experience and I see you do too!

    1. I never played games as a kid, I’m making up for it with the words… 😉 I love it.
      Have you ever used the magnetic poetry? I love to grab a handful and see what happens…

  2. Yes, I have…but the words in those sets are kind of boring, I think…the concept, though, reminds me of what we French Majors used to play in the college dorms (eons ago) when we were studying the French surrealist movement and the Dadaists..someone would write down a word, pass it to another, who would free-associate and add a word or phrase, then pass it on, etc…etc. We got some amazing “poems” out of that, after a bit of final tweaking…

    1. That sounds great! Especially if you have others to do it with. I have several of the sets including one in French so it doesn’t get boring. My kids thought they were ‘safe’ bets for gifts for mom… It works!

  3. Lea what a fantastic way to stretch those writing muscles. Enjoyed your words and also the famous quotes. Sometimes I might look lost, but it is my intention to be lost in thought or story idea.

    1. It is about getting totally absorbed into the thoughts, the work… I knew you would understand. Thank you for your beautiful post this morning. I needed that!

  4. Fabulous Lea!! And of course the quotes, especially the first one which is a perfect friend for this poem! Ive just seen your email with the poem too. Sorry for the delay, our family have just gone back to Ireland after a four day visit and I havent been on the computer much. xxx

    1. Thank you Christine but there is nothing to apologise for. As you know, grandma duty comes first. And there are laps that need to be sat on, stories to tell… xxx

  5. taking a word for a walk or vice versa… always an exctiting trip… and i think there’s a nice bit of wisdom as well that in the getting lost we find ourselves…

  6. Exquisite writing Lea, perfect ending line. The Tolkien quote is my favourite 🙂 xx

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