monsieur Aristead et Claude

Monsieur Aristead et Claude


Villeseque below

Villeseque below

“It’s not just a question of conquering a summit previously unknown, but of tracing, step by step, a new pathway to it.” – Gustav Mahler

“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” – John Muir







I was thigh-high in


Claude, monsieur Aristead et moi

Climbing mount Saint Pierre

The sun beat down on us

Le ciel jamais plus bleu

Thorns scratched at me

Tearing my shirt

And flesh

Till blood trickled

Down my arms

Warm, sticky – yet

Feeling no pain

Still higher we climbed

Un trône de pierre

We have reached its

Crown – our reward

Villeseque et Durban

Tranquility beneath our feet

Intoxicated – together we

Revel in the sunshine

Reluctantly – mais ensemble

We begin our descent





About Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.
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12 Responses to Thigh-high

  1. This is just beautiful Lea, even more so on a second reading. You need have no doubts about this one at all!
    And the view from the summit is wonderful!
    The quotes must have a mention too! Love them both equally 😊 xxx

  2. John (Jack) McClintock says:

    Kudos! As I age I become more and more drawn to humanity…. But my heart was ever in the wilderness and I miss it more every year. My this be the latest and never last assent for you. See attached from 2011 High Arctic exploratory cruse. Also see brief article… hope you enjoy. Best Always, Mad Jack

    John (Jack) McClintock

  3. cindy knoke says:

    Simply beautiful, just like you Lea~

  4. Polly says:

    What a wondrous way in which to be intoxicated 🙂

  5. There is nothing more rewarding than reaching the top and looking out. I have not been to this place but the feeling of joy radiates from your words Lea.

  6. claudia says:

    oh i love hiking – and hiking up a mountain is even more rewarding cause all struggle is forgotten when the top is reached… and cool on doing the hike with good friends – i think it brings them even closer…

  7. beckarooney says:

    Both the poem and photos are incredible, it felt like I was there with you Lea. . . what an amazing feeling it must have been to look at what you had just achieved, fantastic! Mesmerizing 😀 xx

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