Aging Nude Before A Mirror

A brutally honest poet makes peace with his ageing self. Beautiful! Is it any wonder he is one of my favourites?

Dark Matter

New poem.

inside this 
an average wrapper of
slightly sagging skin upon
an average man
who’s been eaten smaller
by his age

he undresses himself
before sleep

stands in front of
a former enemy
a mirror

wisdom about
and love for
revealed in how
his folded hands rest
upon his loose husk
of a belly

those things
were once

so hard
to see

now they stand out
against approaching

and offer him
before Sleep

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About Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.
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12 Responses to Aging Nude Before A Mirror

  1. John (Jack) McClintock says:

    AnOld Man’s Tears Thetears of a child flow not so free as thosefrom the eyes of an old man who’s lost.

    Watchthe thinning years, slumped in a chair amidthe fading light of winter afternoons.

    Rememberher, the soft voice that made the night recede. Gentletouch, comfort in the gloom of dim reverie.

    Canshe be here in some way not understood?

    Doesshe smile behind a curtain, playing with heartache likea mischievous child, ready to reveal herself with a laugh?

    Silencein the once shared space holds unfathomable emptiness, likethe absence in her eyes as she lay still in lifeless desolation. Eternity,summed in an instant.

    Alifetime spent as one, now suddenly and forever, apart. Canone go about on the streets again, and why? Lovewanders aimlessly in its own vastness.

    Howdoes one speak the unutterable? Hervoice sounds in a room without a threshold. Tearsgather as memory kindles the warmth of a look or smile.

    Thereare words for everything under heaven, but none for this. Onecould live a thousand years, and never dare to love again. Sublimein love, disconsolate in loss.

    Thelord of shadow offers peace, the last best friend of suffering. Lost. Utterlyalone.

    Waitingfor the curtain to fall on an empty stage. By:J. M… For: All those who wish to live forever. Thereis no discussion which renders death understandable… this is why we believe indeity…

    John (Jack) McClintock

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    you are right 🙂
    what a great poem…he gives a voice to the many silent sighs in mirrors in the morning
    Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed it very much and will no doubt enjoy exploring his thoughts
    Take Care…You Matter…..

  3. claudia says:

    oh that is lovely… when we arrive and can accept ourselves as we are…

  4. Wonderful poem of a beautiful time in life, and a gradual natural change in external appearance being gently and happily acknowledged. Thank you for sharing this poem

  5. Beautiful Lea, acceptance is a valuable thing as we age. But as long as we do not give in to it.

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