Tempest Tamer

“Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” – Mark Twain


Tempest Tamer

Twain said it – I believe it

Experience as a therapist

Proves it over and over



And again in the bar

The party of elite

Voices rising takes me



In graduate school

Stressing the importance

Conflict resolution

The angriest client speaks



Survival skills honed in

Infancy – an excellent listener

Often called on to diffuse the



There was one storm

Where failure was

Abysmal – one does not choose







About Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.
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18 Responses to Tempest Tamer

  1. claudia says:

    there is a saying in the bible that when you teach a wise man he will listen and become even wiser – but for the fool – all hope is lost… i find it a sad truth…

  2. Perfect title for a great poem with a strong message Lea, just wonderful. and of course, you have nudged me towards Mark Twain 😄 xxx

    • Léa says:

      Thank you Christine. I’m afraid I am far from alone in this experience as attested to by another post I found right after posting. The two fit together without a seam… Any nudge toward Twain is one in a good direction. I do hope you enjoy. Of course things like Huckleberry Finn will be great for the wee folk in a few years.

  3. Mélanie says:

    very clear and wise post, Léa… ❤
    ah, our dearest, witty and smart Mark Twain… 🙂 he must have often said to himself:"I dislike(hate) myself for being (almost) always right…" 🙂

    • Léa says:

      Merci beaucoup! Another quote from the master for my list… 🙂 If he didn’t ‘say’ it, it is because it wasn’t written down. I’ve no doubt he must have said it. 😉

  4. Too true to be good, Léa.

    Twain is also reported to have said: everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it.

    • Léa says:

      As he is not with us, in the flesh, any longer I shall choose to believe he said anything that sounds like he just might have said it. C’est la vie! Especially when it is positive about cats! 😉

  5. Love that quote and your poem. We have all been this fool at one stage or another Lea.

  6. beckarooney says:

    Wonderful quote and poem Lea, your words are wise beyond measure. 🙂 xx

  7. Polly says:

    I’m back online Léa and catching up, only to find this one first from you – what a wonderful poem, so true, so real, so authentic – yet sometimes even those we ‘choose’ can disappoint…

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