Meanwhile (In America)

I’m late in reflagging this but it would be a mistake not to share these words!

Dark Matter

In America

In America

In America we get
mud wrestling and drive through liquor stores
In America we don’t get
many reasons not to leer or drink

In America we get
bales of weed washing up everywhere
In America we don’t get
enough drugs to kill all the people we put on Death Row

(I’m sure we’ll figure it out)

In America we get
a good feeling about this next scratch ticket
In America we don’t get
enough cash for water or even enough water to buy

Meanwhile, I’m thinking…

In America

In America

In America we know
exactly how much our dream costs
In America we don’t know
exactly where to find that dream 

In America we know
how many malls it takes to bury all the dead Indians
In America we don’t know
how to talk about a live Indian or even where to find one

In America…

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About Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.
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8 Responses to Meanwhile (In America)

  1. I guess it’s easy to promote the “hate America” crowd when you’re living in France…..

    • Léa says:

      There were many reasons I chose to come to France. Yes, some of them are reflected in this piece. Some were things I witnessed in my work and neighbourhood and some happened personally to me. There are real concerns for the people that remain. While I may not agree with everything Tony says, I support his right to say it. I do not promote hate, I say look at yourselves and what you are doing to each other.

  2. Personal experience is no proof or reason to condemn an entire group of people.

  3. cjm76 says:

    Cynthia, for me this is more about personal experience, artistic/poetic licence and freedom. Lea would never promote hate in any way shape or form. I guess it’s all in the interpretation. I support Lea’s choice (and we do live in a free world) to re-blog this thought-provoking piece.

    • Léa says:

      Thank you dear Carly. I’ve followed Tony’s blog for several years now and admired much of his writing. Neither Tony or I owe explanations and none will be forthcoming.

  4. No one is arguing about Lea’s freedom to blog whatever she wishes, and I do not believe Lea is a hateful person. But a reader also has the freedom to have an opinion about those who write and speak in what is generally known as “hate America” rhetoric. Apparently Lea thinks those people are all right. I don’t think they are, and I have said so. Freedom goes both ways.

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