Lumières d’étoiles, maison du futur?

Without followers, evil cannot spread.” – SPOCK, Star Trek ‘And The Children Shall Lead’

Beam me up Scotty. There’s no intelligent life here.” – SPOCK


Lumières détoiles, maison du futur?

In another world


Or perhaps

one of the other

habitable planets

one-hundred-billion galaxies

each with as many as

three-hundred-billion stars

lumière d’étoile, étoile brillante

this planet, this star

home to future generations?

we are not alone –

never have been

the rush to find

a ‘new earth’ – frantic

as nature rebells

man’s use up and dispose


the race heats up

those who have –

demand to stake their claim,

colonize, control, manipulate,

it will go to the highest bidder

even a larger planet

can take only so much abuse



Author: Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.

29 thoughts on “Lumières d’étoiles, maison du futur?”

  1. This is so thoughtful, and true. I’m glad that you said STOP, I wish that we could.xx

  2. So very true and frightening at the same time with what is happening all around us. Thanks Lea

  3. I keep hoping each generation will become more aware of how self destructive we are. Sometimes I despair, but then see how my children and grandchildren are much more aware than my generation and doing things that matter about it. Good you are reminding us all.

    How are you? Did surgery go well? All recuperated? I have knee surgery for a torn meniscus this Wed. They say I’ll be back to normal in three weeks. Sure hope so. That’s getting close to France time. We have our tickets, car and apartments reserved, and pretty much every kind of insurance.

    Bon soir. ? Bon Nuit? Hmmm, I better find my French books soon. 🙂

    1. Yes, I tried to foster a respect for nature, the planet and all living things in my children. Each day I try to make choices that tread lightly on the planet.
      Healing slowly but steadily here and wish you the best on Wednesday. You must be getting pretty excited and I know it will be wonderful. 🙂

  4. A really different angle for you Lea. I really like that quote
    Without followers, evil cannot spread.
    And so I live in hope that the younger generation see the errors and change. I for one see people getting back to basics and growing their own vegetables and such. In the city now I learned you can rent a chicken and go and collect your own eggs. Maybe this will catch on……

    1. Ah, when I found that quote… I had to use it. It is so true! I’ve always believed in “Live simply so others may simply live” and to keep my footprints soft upon the planet. While I have no space for a chicken or to grow anything, there are many in the village that do. My needs are simple so I go to the village market and buy what I need from other locals. It works for us. Renting a chicken is an interesting concept I hope it catches on.

      1. I love going to a small town and going through the local fresh produce market. yesterday we purchased some lavender goat soap, some home made bread and a jar of lemon butter for my husband. Everything in the market was fresh and lovely. Just how we like it. My hubs has just started his veggie garden in ready for the spring. there is nothing tastier than a home grown tomato or corn on the cob.

      2. Fortunately, every village and town here has its weekly markets and some have them more often. Have you tried goat’s milk ice cream? They make it with violets, figs & honey and so many other varieties… Bread making I do myself as it is so therapeutic but that lemon butter sounds amazing! While I do love the corn on the cob, nothing beats a home grown tomato!
        I love traveling to other regions and trying out their specialities.

      3. Thats the way to do it, my favourite cafe called the Blue Earth has its garden right were you sit outside. One day when the owner was picking her strawberries for the dessert she brought some for us to sample. i could smell the sweet scent way before she arrived at out table and I have never had such a tasty strawberry since. my husband is going to try again this time growing them in a container up off the ground. Nothing better than a cafe that picks their fruit and veg fresh from the garden and onto your plate. you can see their chickens too, so fresh eggs as well. My kind of place.

      4. Ps I noticed a French accent with the guy who served up the breads and the savoury muffins on Saturday. I remember my Swiss friends laughing at our bread, so white and thin. Now that was a few years ago and we seem to have embraced bread in all its glory. We are lucky in Australia that we have a diverse multi-cultured history and this is so obvious when you see the food selections at any markets.

      5. While I don’t know about Swiss breads, I’ve had some German ones that are more to my liking. They don’t used the highly refined white flour that many do. Ah, a French accent… sounds like home! 😉

      6. Swiss German they are, so I remember the breads that I tried over there were all nice and chunky with no white wimpy bread like ours in sight lol.

      7. Not only that, they taste good! And this is from someone who is not a real bread-eater… Now don’t tell Jacques (our baker)

  5. Such a thought provoking and poignant poem Lea. Beautifully expressed in your special way. It’s so sad where we seem to be heading. We all need o shout STOP all together. xxx As always great quotes xxx

    1. Alas, not enough of us are shouting and those we shout to have turned deaf ears… Do I give up, no. It is sad. xxx

      1. Yes they certainly do turn deaf ears. Our stupid government recently approved the use of a pesticide for farmers that will greatly endanger the bee population. There has to be another way. Doing our own little bit we have planted a substantial lavender hedge in the back garden. It has been swarming with honey bees and bumble bees this summer which gives me a little pocket of encouragement. xxx

      2. We are fortunate that Bees and honey are abundant here. Of course France is very agricultural and they protect le terroir. xxx

  6. A really poignant piece Lea, it’s sad because it’s true. My life ambition is to leave this world in a better state than when I came into it. Life each day in hope. . . 🙂 xx

    1. I’ve always tried to -“live simply so others may simply live. I do what I can to keep my footprint soft upon the earth. 🙂 xx

  7. “Without followers, evil cannot spread.” – i love that quote – and it makes me sad what we’re doing with this wonderful beautiful magical planet.. i guess there’s nothing out there that even comes close

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