5 thoughts on “Why I’m NOT sorry”

  1. Great post. how are you doing. I love your new work. You truely write from your soul. Take care dear friend and remember i will always be here for you and love you. My brain is not getting the getting the oxgen it needs and forgetting alot. Same thing my mom had gee thank mom for handing it down to me. Any way i love you and i am so proud of your life and have fun every day. Hugs Su

    Love, Joy & Magic always Su   Woman are Angels ! if someone breaks our wings, we simply   continue to fly …. on our broomsticks

    1. Su your mom was a dear and I shall always carry fond memories of her. We all must live with our genetic make-up and even if we were dealt some of the good, there could always be some of the darker recessive genes that wait to strike. Some get lucky. It saddens me to think of the obstacles you are facing and wish that you were not so far away so that I could reach out more. Hugs Léa

    2. By the way, the article you loved so much was not by me but by the Fabulous Carly-Jay Metcalfe an amazing woman and one I am proud to call my friend. If only she didn’t live so far away. 😦

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