Don’t ever trust politicians!

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Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Trosapoliticians without ears and eyes 2015

When the world recently met in Paris to achieve a save the Planet plan, the politicians in Trosa from every political party there is, decided to take a increasing pollution comprehensive plan for our municipality.
You can read about it here at in Swedish

“Samhällsbyggnadsnämnden fick under tiden 6 juli till 30 september 2015 in femton skrivelser med invändningar mot i första hand Infart västra Trosa/Förbifart Trosa. Vid kommunfullmäktiges sammanträde den 2 december fastställdes dock översiktsplanen utan omröstning. “
(Part of the

“Planning Board received during the period July 6 to September 30 2015 in fifteen letters objecting to primarily Inbound West Trosa / Bypass Trosa. At the City Council meeting on 2 December was set, however, the comprehensive plan without a vote. “ (a google translation of part of article from
Cut from Södermanlands Nyheter

A couple…

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2 Responses to Don’t ever trust politicians!

  1. Manuel Rodriguez says:

    hi i like the site also.  How are you.  You must be so proud of tovah.  Taking after you in her writing.  I am so proud of both of you.  I miss you Things are ok here getting old is not fun.  Manuel is doing poorly with his anger over not remembering things.  it is so sad  to  watch his reactions.  Love you little sister.  Love, Joy & Magic always Su  Woman are Angels !if someone breaks our wings, we simply  continue to fly …. on our broomsticks

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