Stunning Photographs of some Lifeforms we share Earth with…

Thank you Chris for sharing this. All these wondrous creatures that nature has given us and we neither appreciate or protect it.


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A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.
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14 Responses to Stunning Photographs of some Lifeforms we share Earth with…

  1. Amazing pictures! 🙂

  2. Absolutely stunning! My own little world seems so small as I look at these glorious photos of what is out there to be marveled upon. With beauty of this magnitude, it’s a wonder we’re not ALL conservationists, huh? Thank you so much for this mini-vacation.

    • Léa says:

      Thank you Madelyn, I do wish I could take credit for those photos but I am merely sharing something so beautiful I could not help myself. How many of these will soon be extinct due to our treatment of this planet? We tend to ignore the fact that we are merely guests here and terrible ones at that.
      bisous et câlins, lf

      • We are an arrogant, self-focused species, untempered. Looking at our world today, it seems as if many never outgrew their toddlerhood, emotionally. (A certain tweeting politician running for office comes to mind, and the minions that respond to name calling.)

        Get your guest room ready – I may be running for my life in November. 😉

      • Léa says:

        Hmm, I cannot imagine who you are referring to… 😉 Just add it to the list of why I am hoppy not to be there anymore. 🙂 bisous et clines, lf

      • Yeah, I tried to be subtle – mostly to make sure “somebody”‘s internet team couldn’t google his name so they could turn his attack tweets on ME in response 🙂

        CRAZY times in the used-to-be-good ole USA, huh? These days, American political reportage must be Europe’s favorite comedy show. 😦

      • Léa says:

        It was for awhile, but few are laughing anymore. Try explaining to the French (and much the rest of Europe) were you came from… :0

      • I have actually come across the suggestion of a few travel bloggers that Americans claim to be Canadian when they travel – along with tips on how to dress, etc. so that you don’t give yourself away. (worry-worry-worry-worry)

        Speaking of Canada . . . I wonder if they would have me? We share a common language, and I could probably count on a white Christmas.

      • Léa says:

        I doubt that you would have any trouble if that is what you want. I spent more than a little time there growing up and still have relatives there. For me it gets too cold and it is too close or to quote one of ‘your’ politicians (said years ago) “The problem with Canada is that it is too close to ignore and too white to conquer.” – R.R. (No, not Regan) 🙂
        It is rough here, soaking up some sun, swimming in the Med… 😉

      • I’m heat defensive and a melanoma survivor, so anything approaching summer is brutal.

        Never heard the quote above – trying to find the source I came across a bit of satire (I HOPE) on satiratribune dot com: 10 reasons we should go to war with Canada (apparently they changed the title of the article – the permalink says 10-reason-why-we-should-make-canada-the-51st-state/)

        Check out #5:
        “For oil. They are our biggest importer of oil. We’d be safer if it were ours. It would also show the Middle Eastern countries we aren’t afraid to go to war over oil.”

        Sounds a bit more like Sarah Palin, but then . . .

  3. Léa says:

    So no sun for you. Having grown-up in Southern California that would be difficult for me but life is full of difficult hurdles.
    As for the quote, please forgive me it was not R.R. it was D.R. and he shares the first name with a candidate you previously referred to. I heard it on the local public radio station in Sacramento where I was at the time.
    You would certainly be safer in Canada and it is beautiful. However, my experience was all in and about Western Canada.
    With your professional background… you could have a field day with the DSM V and the politicians/politics.
    France is amazing and it is not all sunshine and beaches. If you haven’t been you are missing something special.

  4. loravenkova13 says:

    Lovely photos!

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