Rules of Etiquette for Leaving Feedback

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I’ve been looking for comments lately on my short form fiction in an effort to improve my writing. I have also been reading the work of other writers on wordpress and leaving them feedback. But when it comes to feedback, what are the rules of etiquette. I am the last person who wants to offend a writer by criticizing their work, but if they’re posting it, isn’t that what they’re asking for? Isn’t that part of what feedback is? If I want to suggest changes to their writing, should I just keep my mouth shut because it might offend them?

How to GIVE feedback when you’re asked:

There’s a difference between critique and criticism, and it’s important to understand the difference.

  • Criticism passes judgement — Critique poses questions
  • Criticism finds fault — Critique uncovers opportunity
  • Criticism is personal — Critique is objective
  • Criticism is vague — Critique is concrete
  • Criticism tears down — Critique builds up
  • Criticism is ego-centric — Critique…

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