Neil Gaiman: 8 Good Writing Practices.


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A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.
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10 Responses to Neil Gaiman: 8 Good Writing Practices.

  1. Mary Smith says:

    Ah, he makes it sound so easy!

    • Léa says:

      Ah, yes. So glad you stopped by. I just finished reading NO MORE MULBERRIES. Excellent. Now I shall have to look into your other books. It is one of those books we look for, can’t wait to see how it turns out then sadly, it ends all too quickly and we must pick up the next book.

      • Mary Smith says:

        I’m so pleased you enjoyed No More Mulberries. One day there will be a sequel – but I work slowly and get sidetracked into other projects.
        Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni is non-fiction. It is on sale for 99c but I’m afraid only in Australia – part of Amazon’s Winter Sale.

      • Léa says:

        I had wondered if there might be a sequel and it would be most welcome. I do prefer non-fiction so I shall look for Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni. Being in France I pick up most books on but most likely they will have it. At 99c it must be kindle which I don’t have and don’t care to. I’m an old paperback junkie that loves a good story and I love how you paint pictures with your words.
        Please don’t mention Winter, I am in denial and hang on to Summer as long as possible.

  2. Mary Smith says:

    You probably are having summer in France – in Scotland we are not sure if we are in November or August. Last night the weather forecaster said there might be a touch of frost! In AUGUST.

    • Léa says:

      Ah yes, Summer! It is but a bit cooler than usual. While I have had another invite to your glorious Country, it will have to wait for another summer as I don’t handle cold well. I’ve lived here and there and do much better with heat than cold.
      I spent a month in Vietnam back in 2002 but I’m not sure if it is enough for a book? If I ever get through with the damage control on my rough draft my next project is probably a story based on copies of actual journal pages by a great-great-aunt who immigrated from Sweden, crossed Canada and then left her family behind in Eastern America in a covered wagon to Washington State where her descendants still live… But who knows?

      • Mary Smith says:

        Jealous of your month in Vietnam. I had two weeks there in 2014 and would love to go back to see more of it. The story about your great-great-aunt sounds fascinating.

      • Léa says:

        I was fortunate to go with a colleague/friend who was from Da Nang. We didn’t go as tourists so I believe we saw much more. However, a month there goes by in a heartbeat. At one point I thought of moving there as I loved it and by then knew Huyen’s massive family. Alas, things are changing there and from what she said on her last trip over, it would break my heart. Perhaps one day I shall write about that as well.
        The ancestor story would require a lot of story building around those journal entries but that could be a lot of fun. I only discovered that side of my family shortly before moving to France. Now get on I with it as I would love to read the sequel to No More Mulberries. I really did enjoy it.

  3. Mary Smith says:

    Okay, okay #amwriting! 🙂

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