DAILY email? Get a life! (and leave mine in peace)

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Help — I’m choking on e-glut!

Is anybody else old enough to remember when we used to be inundated with telephone marketing – usually at dinner time?  It used to make my parents furious.

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Well, I just spent two solid hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday “catching up on my email.”

What that means is that I spent almostall of that time deleting the unasked for and the unwanteds.  Hundreds of  HUNDREDS!  And there went my email time budget for each day.

At least telephone marketers didn’t used to be able to gang-bang your phone. If the phone was busy they had to leave a voice message, which encouraged more than a few to hang up and move on, I’m sure.

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5 Responses to DAILY email? Get a life! (and leave mine in peace)

  1. Polly says:

    Yep…there’s always something… 😀

  2. How fun to see this on YOUR blog! Thanks so much. I’ll have to return the favor by linking – many of my readers find reblogs disorienting – even when I try to intro them. I wish WordPress would facilitate reblog embeds, instead of the way they do it now (not especially ADD/EFD friendly).

    Good luck on the catch up – hope your i-net stays working so you CAN.

  3. claudia says:

    ugh – that is annoying – my recommendation is google mail – they have really a good spam filter and i usually don’t get any marketing mails at all…

  4. Léa says:

    It is my pleasure! Junk mail in the internet… hmmm, now I’m hoping the French will devise a way to rid us of it as they have with our snail mail. In France, if you don’t want junk mail you simply write on your post box or attach a sticker or some such label saying Pas de Publicité or as many of us do, we just put up Pas de Pub. In other words, No Publicity! It is extremely effective.

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