FREE on Amazon! DO NOT WASH HANDS IN PLATES. Maybe it’s a sign? #travel #humor #memoir

Funny and Free! What more could you ask for? Hurry up before Amazon realises what they have done!

Barb Taub

I admit it. I don’t get Amazon. Why is this free?

In their infinitely mysterious wisdom, Amazon has lowered the price of DO NOT WASH HANDS IN PLATES down to well…nothing. Nada. Zilch. No moola.

Click on image for preview, reviews, and FREE book on Amazon!Click on image for preview, reviews, and FREE book on Amazon!

Ours not to reason why, but instead to haul over there and get that free copy before Amazon figures out their mistake. And I’ll need to get moving on getting the next book in the series out there. Look for it in December! Meanwhile—what are you waiting for? Get your FREE copy here.

And to celebrate, here is another freebie—a preview of our next travel book!

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs…

[If you’re old enough to remember Five Man Electric Band from early ’70s, I apologize for the Signs earworm. The rest of you are safe.]

When I travel, I realize how much I depend on signs. Here are a few…

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A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.
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