“Think of your son. Think of your husband.” #ThrowbackThursday #MeToo


Barb Taub

“Think of your son. Think of your husband,” Trump continued. “I’ve had many false accusations. I’ve had so many. When I say it didn’t happen, nobody believes me.”—Donald Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony at Mississippi Rally

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifying before Senate committee [Image Credit: The Cut]

I sat in front of my computer, riveted to the live feed of the hearings. I watched Dr. Ford’s gut wrenching  testimony and Brett Kavanaugh’s bewildered, infuriated response. And as the tears poured down my face, I remembered…

Events such as this happened to almost every woman of my generation. Lives were ruined, damaged, or simply never realized full potential. Overall, we got on with the business of living despite the memories we didn’t let ourselves think about.


Sure, decades have gone by since…

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Author: Léa

A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.

8 thoughts on ““Think of your son. Think of your husband.” #ThrowbackThursday #MeToo”

    1. Barb, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see your post and to be able to reblog it, at the same time sad that it is necessary. Our voices are important but much more is required from us. I’m afraid I don’t see enough people willing to do what needs doing.

  1. The sad thing that we are unable to see is that there are thousands, likely millions of women everywhere in the world who live daily with assault, torture, and even murder. There are elders and children and those who are physically/developmentally, emotionally challenged who suffer as well. Who speaks for them? Who will honor their presences when they have gone? Who will speak for them? We hear what is in the news, and in this time we can only hope that all we are hearing is all there is of truth. We must go inward and see what is there for our outer vision is limited by our emotions, and by those reactions we have from what we are able to hear.

    Do not think that this is something to excuse anyone from anything, but know that there are forces we cannot hear or see on the outside, but only from within.When there is evil in the world, as there has been through all the centuries since the beginning of mankind, we must look back in time to see where it all began . . .

  2. Remember that one person alone cannot be the cause of every evil in the world. We must look at that which causes others to follow in that same path. One person alone in this world is not powerful to create such massive evil, but we must look for ways to return the world to the sanity and peace that once reigned over the world.

    1. As you said. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. – Edmund Burke

  3. Alas, what one hears and reads about is a tiny grain of sand as those reporting are a minuscule sample. The circus, called a hearing, was specifically staged to dissuade victims from coming forward. There are forces that are in place and perhaps some of them are well showcased in a short story by Shirley Jackson which you can find online in pdf. The title, The Lottery. You can also listen to a review, explanation, of the story on youtube https://youtu.be/F3EKm5Noam4
    As you say, since the beginning, there have been those who feel entitled to use and abuse others. We could argue from now throughout the end of time as to the cause. If you are a survivor or work with enough of them, you may know, while some survivors go on and violate others, most of us do not. Cruelty began for me at a very early age. I remember vividly how much it hurt and that I never wanted to hurt anyone else. At some point in our lives, we all make a choice what kind of person we shall be. Thank you, Anne. Your contributions are appreciated.

    1. I can truly feel for you from the bottom of my heart Lea. I too lived with these many things, and I am glad that although what we lived through was painful, it helped me too to remember the same as you that I would never do those sorts of things to others, and I never have. I have always said that without the many painful challenges we go through in life, we would never learn to have compassion for others, or to be able to help them the way we can. I don’t recommend that people go out and intentionally look for that type of challenges, but if we do have to go through them, we can learn from them. If life were all flat, it would be a boring world indeed. And thank you too, Lea, for you are definitely an empowered woman, and neither of us earned that title by being women who never went through anything in their lives. You are amazing and a good role model for children and adult women. You can demonstrate what is possible in life even if we didn’t get water like plants when we were children. We are the kind of people who would have grown in a crack in the sidewalk. So now we have something to use to help others in this life. Thank you for being so brave to share.

      1. The kind of work we have done, shows us others who at times have had it even worse. To be honest, often, it was not. That is not the point. By focusing on others, we see that we are not alone and keep putting one foot in front of the other. We know pain in its cruelest form and want to ease it for others. Perhaps even more so when there had never been anyone to ease our path. For decades I was asked by colleagues and others to write my story. That is too pretensious for me. Yet when posed that it might help another, I began. I hope my first rough draft will be finished by the end of the year. Yes, our scars help shape us but I believe there is a conscious choice we each make and that is if we will help ease the pain of others or inflict it. Peace my friend.

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