“The free expressions of the hopes and aspirations of a people is the greatest and only safety in a sane society” – Emma Goldman

All work on these pages is created by and sole property of this author. Some of it has been previously published but sole rights have been maintained. Permission must be obtained from myself prior to any use. leamuse@hotmail.com

On these pages, you will bear witness to some of my personal experiences, and things I witnessed while working with battered women, abused children, their families and other agencies.   If it encourages you to express yourself in a creative way, we both win!


37 thoughts on “About”

  1. Glad to have found your blog today. As an ex-pat in Denmark, I empathize and also am envious of your location! one day, I keep suggesting to my Danish husband, we simply must go to France and Paris! enjoying the poetry and quotes. SB

      1. I do agree… 🙂 I used to live in Paris for about 8 years and we’ve been happy to move to Toulouse, “la ville rose”… 🙂 Glad to have found your awesome blog! Bonne continuation, bonne journée et amitiés toulousaines ensoleillées… à+! 🙂

      2. There is not anywhere in France that I have visited and did not love. Of all my travels, France is the home of my heart and I look forward to discovering and sharing much more. I am happy you have found my blogs and hope you continue to enjoy them.
        Merci beaucoup et bisous!

      3. Hi Léa! Merci bcp pour tes mots gentils et tes haltes @playground… you did touch my heart…<3 Bisous toulousains et à+! Mélanie

    1. Hello et Bonjour David,

      I have been following you for awhile. I really enjoyed today’s post and wanted to thank you. Thanks for stopping by and hope you will do so again.


      1. I already have and I like it so much that I will be back as I am following -:))


  2. I must admit I was ‘curious as a cat’ what is hiding beneath that green leaf fairy which I found on my friend’s blog, and I found out it’s a beautiful blog. Thanks for that.

    1. How very sweet Becka! I will do my best. I’ve been having serious computer issues and have not been able to unblock the plugins so much is unavailable to me.

    1. How sweet you are. I thought you might enjoy the blogs. As for myself, since the beginning over three years ago, I have chosen to be an award free blog/s. However, I do appreciate you kind thoughts and will check out the others. 🙂 xx Léa

      1. I must admit that I’ve been pretty stoked at receiving the awards. At times last year when i wasn’t getting a lot of traffic, I was a bit downcast about it all and then out of the blue received an award and a reblog and then things started looking up and when I received my annual report, i found out that people from 62 countries had visited my blog last year. That really perked me up. I imagined what a whirlwind tour it would have been for me to visit 62 countries and given I was recovering from chemo and not very mobile, it would have taken a miracle to do that in person. It has taken a bit of work to respond to the awards and I do fear leaving someone out but they do provide a way of sharing good blogs, which you can do anyway like you do, without the award. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend. Our son is going to be having ipad withdrawals as he will be out kayaking and sailing most of the weekend with scouts. Meanwhile, I’ll be editing the photos I took of kindergarten students this week. They were incredibly cute and I loved watching them draw xx Rowena

      2. Ah, kayaking or ipad, no contest for me. I love to kayak! The ipad will be waiting for him. You are so correct. Blogging can open up so much. I have made some wonderful friends that I would not likely have met otherwise. xx Léa

      3. Anything in France is appealing in my book. However, the beaches on the Mediterranean are just minutes from the house so it is decisions, decisions, decisions… 😉

      4. Th Mediterranean always sounds so exotic and appealing although I know our water quality is a lot better. The South of France does sound very, very alluring.

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