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A wanderer who has found home and herself in the South of France.

To Serve And Correct!

Originally posted on Book Editing: 1. ACTIVE VOICE Active voice is a type of sentence or clause in which the subject performs or causes the action expressed by the verb. Contrast with Passive Voice below. Example: “A census taker once … Continue reading

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Poet for his time…

Noticing the twin flags on your car — flag of Confederacy, flag of Union; seeing that you’re heading into the same bar I’m going to; letting my hands brush my pockets — clipped-on knife, cell phone; checking for pepper gel … Continue reading

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When you read your story, does it sound off, maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know you’ve done something wrong? Sometimes–maybe even lots of times–there are simple fixes. These writer’s tips will come at you … Continue reading

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Beyond The Veil

Originally posted on Polly:
Handkerchiefs, white twisted prayer, sobs breach and break the mourning air, death takes, will not be second-guessed, a shroud beneath the lychgate rests. The shelter with its angled roof hears clattering of horses’ hooves, covers the…

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3 (well, 4) free tools for writing better blog posts

Bristol Content Marketing There are 2.75 million blog posts written and posted every single day. I’ll let that sink in for a second. I wrote my first blog post in 2003 and despite working in content for as long as … Continue reading

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Nature provides and other words of wisdom…

Years ago I met a cultural anthropologist and “new age” teacher named Angeles Arrien. Small, earthy, and whimsical, Arrien felt familiar to me like a beloved aunt, and I found the combination in her of scholar, Basque heritage, creativity and … Continue reading

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Writing Opportunity for You!

Originally posted on Poet Laureate:
Join this poetry project for OCTOBER. © Glen Bowman Do you enjoy using visual stimuli as a starting point or the whole point? Ekphrastic poetry/ writing may be your thing.  This year I am organising a…

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#BookLaunch A Hundred Tiny Threads by @barrow_judith @honno Howarth family #HistFic series

Originally posted on Rosie Amber:
Prequel to the Howarth Family series, this is the new book by Judith Barrow Judith joins us today to tell us a little more about her series and why she is releasing this sequel. I…

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History, learn or repeat it

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana (1863-1952) MARTIN NIEMOLLER (1892-1984)   A well known and respected Lutheran minister who made the choice to speak out against the foe, Adolf Hitler. He … Continue reading

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A Hundred Tiny Threads by Judith Barrow #BlogTour #Review @barrow_judith @honno

Originally posted on It's all about the books:
It’s with great pleasure today I get to share my review of A Hundred Tiny Threads by Judith Barrow as part of the blog tour. My thanks go to Honno Press…

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