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L’amour – Creed of Greed

Once again, a challenge from friends at fandango:  This may not have been the intended response but where the muse directed.  “It is the logic of consumerism that undermines the values of loyalty and permanence and promotes a different … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Serendipity – Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth:
I should be peppy and lively. I should be able to find the ingredients to get the laundry done, to go take a few pictures. Something. I’m too beat up…

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#writephoto — Zero Tolerance: A Parable — This, That, and The Other

Dorothy and her dog, along with her three traveling companions, were making the hazardous journey through the land of Oz heading toward the legendary Emerald City, which they were told was a welcoming land of opportunity just on the other … Continue reading

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Open letter to all Leaders – Time’s up

Originally posted on Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna:
If you wanna spread this letter, you are welcome to share it worldwide. Tag it with #timesup if you want. If you want to make a translation of the text to…

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I talk to myself. Who doesn’t!

Originally posted on Have We Had Help?:
Years ago when I was a small boy I witnessed something which might explain a few things about me, if you are at all interested… My mother and I were walking into Beccles…

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Don’t Sing — Dark Matter

To sing in the mouth of that which consumes you is no strategy. To sing among the teeth descending into you is not acceptable.. I don’t care what the positive thinker says of the need for love and civility. I … Continue reading

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The Abstract Principle of Equality

Originally posted on e-Tinkerbell:
It was 1871 when Swiss philosopher Henry Frèderic Amiel  pondered on the nature of democracy in his “Journal Intime”. It is impressive how Amiel in few clear words nails effectively the problems implied by a representation…

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God-Given Liberties

Originally posted on This, That, and The Other:
I am intrigued by Mike Pence’s use of the phrase “God-given liberties” in his tweet. I’m sure he is using language that religious people and/or those who believe in God could relate…

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A Game Of Cards

Originally posted on HerbertIsrael's blog:
Strong, charismatic, happy all the things I was, stronger, more charismatic, happier all the things I could have been, weak, sad, depressed all the things I became after staking my life in a game,…

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Is it worth fighting for?

Before lighting the fireworks, think about what you are celebrating, what works, what doesn’t and at what price. Ask yourself, WHAT DO I STAND FOR? – “Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.”  … Continue reading

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