A Game Of Cards

I feel this in every layer…

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Strong, charismatic, happy
all the things I was,
stronger, more charismatic, happier
all the things I could have been,
weak, sad, depressed
all the things I became
after staking my life in a game,
a game of cards

I trusted them with cultivating my gardens
but they dug graves all over the lanes,
each step I’d take
would always lead to me feeling sad
or as good as dead
they always dressed in white
yet deep within them,
they were all in black
waiting for my funeral

I have risen so many times
like an eagle in a cloudy sky,
they have always been throwing spears at me
I evaded them so many times
this time round though,
they hit bullseye
and I came crashing down
like a skydiver under a faulty parachute

All my pieces were spread all over,
my wandering soul hovered
above the sacred scene
looking at…

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