Pavlovian practice for writers

“You fail only if you stop writing.”   – Ray Bradbury


Pavlovian practice for writers

So out of practice

With the practice

Of daily pages

It would be simpler

To move the mountains

Separating my village and

The Mediterranean


The first three

Clumsily, scribbled pages

Meditation in self-persecution

Words appear in slow motion

Impaired by intracranial cobwebs,

Dust and perhaps atrophy

What is not used…


Week two, still breathing

Ego damage continues

But flagellating ceases

Chocolate covered expresso beans

A placebo or positive reinforcement

Pavlovian conditioning

Am I really ready for this?


Week three, breathing more steadily

Ego still receiving casualties

Cobwebs and dust eliminated

Synapse healing slowly

Positive reinforcement continues

Who doesn’t love chocolate and expresso?

Outlook improving…